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83-01 Shackle
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Snatch Block

Material Carbon steel, fitted with roller bearings, except for blocks under WLL 4 tons, these are equipped with phospher bronze bushes
Safety Factor MBL equals 4 x WLL
Finish Painted blue
Certificates Blocks have been individually proof tested, as standard an EC declaration of conformity is supplied
Notes Working load limit is on the headfitting. Measurements are for guidence only and may vary
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Working Load LimitDiameter Wire RopeDiameter Outside SheaveLengthWidthWidth OutsideProduct CodeWeight Each
tonnesmma mmb mmc mmd mmkg
27 - 9752805780820014.00
410 - 1211434080121820025.30
820 - 221524751251598200315.00
820 - 222035301252108200520.00
1220 - 222546801272648200636.00
1524 - 263057601273148200758.00
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