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Hook for Green Pin Tycan

Material Alloy steel
Safety Factor MBL equals 4 x WLL and MBL equals 2 x lashing capacity
Finish Painted blue
Certificates As standard an EC declaration of conformity is supplied, also upon request a manufacturer test cert and inspection cert
Notes Compatible with FCHLASH1525 and FCHLIFT1525
For Chain SizeWLLLashing CapacityLengthWidthWidthWidth OutsideWidth OutsideLength OutsideDiameter PinWeight EachProduct Code
mmtta mmb mmc mmd mme mmf mmg mmkg
15 x 25510110264062113179161.25P-6720A
inchtta inchb inchc inchd inche inchf inchg inchlbs
19/32 x 15104.11/3211.9/162.7/164.29/6475/82.75P-6720A
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