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Green Pin Tycan Lashing Chain

Material Made with 100% Dyneema; layers of webbing in a Mobius twist with stitching on each side
Safety Factor MBL equals 2 x Lashing Capacity
Notes Compatible with; 4.75t of G-4151, 4.75t of G-4153, 6.8t of UMJ, 1" x 12" and bigger of G-6323, 30mm and 50mm length Sleeve, 5t of P-6720A
Temp Range Minus 60°c up to 70°c
Link SizeWWLWidth LinkT'ness LinkLength InsideLinks per MetreElongation at MBLWeight per MetreLayersProduct Code
mmta mmb mmc mm%kg
15 x 251025151001050.588FCHLASH
inchta inchb inchc inch%lbs
19/32 x 110119/3241051.288FCHLASH
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