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36-04 Ring
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Excel Rotating Hoist Ring, Grade 8

Material Alloy steel, Grade 8, quenched and tempered
Safety Factor MBL equals 5 x SWL
Finish Painted red
Certificates This product is supplied with an EC declaration of conformity, also upon request a 3.1 certificate
Notes WLL indicated hereunder are given in the worst conditions of use, i.e. 90°. UNC threads available - prices on request
Temp Range Up to 250°c
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WLLDia ThreadInner WidthInner LengthDiaLengthBaseOuter WidthBase DiaBase DiaInner LengthProd CodeWeight Each
ta mmb mmc mmd mme mmf mmg mmh mmi mmj mmkg
0.40M8 x 1.25354113183568343843298010.43
0.70M10 x 1.5353913183768343843298020.44
1.00M12 x 1.75353613223968343843298030.46
1.30M14 x 2.0353513224268343843298040.47
1.60M16 x 2.0354213284368343852298050.52
2.00M18 x 2.5354013284568343852298060.54
2.50M20 x 2.5353813324768343852298070.59
3.00M22 x 2.55357203369105495671298081.88
4.00M24 x 3.05355203971105495671298091.93
5.00M27 x 3.05361203665105495671298101.96
6.30M30 x 3.55361204565105495671298112.03
7.00M33 x 3.57187305483146687798298125.28
10.00M36 x 4.07187305484146687798298135.35
10.00M39 x 4.07187305484146687798298144.81
12.50M42 x 4.57187306384146687798298155.56
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