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36-01 Eyebolt
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Excel Eyebolt, Grade 8

Material Alloy steel, Grade 8, quenched and tempered
Safety Factor MBL equals 5 x SWL
Finish Painted red
Certificates This product is supplied with an EC declaration of conformity, also upon request a 3.1 certificate
Notes UNC threads available - prices on request
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WLLDiameter ThreadDiameter BaseOuter Eye DiameterInner Eye DiameterLengthBaseDiameterMBLProduct CodeWeight Each
tonnesa mmb mmc mmd mme mmf mmg mmtonneskg
0.20M6 x 1.0203420201771297010.05
0.40M8 x 1.25203420241772297020.05
0.70M10 x 1.5203822301983.5297030.07
1.00M12 x 1.752547263623105297040.13
1.20M14 x 2.03057294028146297050.24
1.50M16 x 2.03665355530147.5297060.36
2.00M18 x 2.536653554301410297070.38
2.50M20 x 2.540733959341612.5297080.55
3.00M22 x 2.542824464381915297090.73
4.00M24 x 3.055955484402020297101.08
5.00M27 x 3.055955484402025297111.18
6.00M30 x 3.56010859100492430297121.87
7.00M33 x 3.56010859100492435297131.99
8.00M36 x 4.06511867118452540297142.44
9.00M39 x 4.06511867118452545297152.58
10.00M42 x 4.57013979135563150297163.97
15.00M45 x 4.57013979135563175297174.23
18.00M48 x 5.09518197150684390297188.33
20.00M52 x 5.095181971506843100297198.80
25.00M56 x 5.595181971506843125297209.00
30.00M60 x 5.595181971506843150297219.50
36.00M64 x 6.095181971506843180297229.75
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