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NEW: Green Pin shackles with RFID

Is there a way of making inspecting our lifting equipment easier? Yes, the answer is RFID.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, it is now offered in our range of Green Pin® Standard Shackles. It is a small RFID chip which responds to radio-signals that is transmitted by a reader. A unique number is given with each RFID chip and can enable you to link the individual shackle to a record in an inspection management system. Thus, making regular inspection, tracking and filing paper reports much more time effective.

Not only are these RFID chips durable and impact resistant but they are countersunk into the end of the shackle pin.

These passive RFID chips are NFC (Near Field Communication) compatible, which once scanned by the user, will identify and track the shackles with their latest generation NFC compatible smartphone.

Green Pin® shackles with the RFID chip will be available on request only and can be implemented on any of the following Green Pin® Standard Shackles

G-4151 and G-4161 from 8.5T WLL upwards

G-4153 and G-4163 from 17t WLL upwards

For enquiries, please contact us.